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    County Summer 2014: A Thank You!

    Labour Day came and went, and all you wonderful people went with it! Well not all, of course. But it was a much quieter week in Bloomfield than we had seen in months. So many great things happening throughout the late summer and fall, and we'll be here. But before we have a big sale, and then launch our Fall/Winter Collection, we want to offer up a simple but sincere, Thank you. Our first summer exceeded our expectations and we are truly touched by the way you all responded to our shirts and other items. So much more to follow, but for now, again, Thank you.


    Anatomy of an Awesome T-shirt: Prince Edward County

    When we set out to create our line of County inspired t-shirts we were really picky about the quality of garment, the printing process, and even the label. Clearly people had printed county t-shirts before us. What we realized is that those businesses saw t-shirts as a quick way to make a buck hawking low quality shirts to tourists. That was not our vision at all, and we do everything we can to separate ourselves from those who continue to sell low grade merchandise at premium souvenir prices.

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    County T-shirt Co. Winter Workings

    Well, aren’t we all just dreaming of t-shirt weather this winter? Talk about snow! For those of you lucky ones who had the foresight to plan a trip south this winter, hope you have lots of sunshine. We would love to see some County T-Shirts in interesting places, so if you get a chance, please send us a pic of you and your family soaking up the sun.

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    County T-shirts Pops-up in Bloomfield

    With our Preview Collection in hand we wanted to reach out to our neighbors in The County and give them a chance to shop in person prior to the holidays. We decided to hold several “pop-up” shops during December, and they were a terrific success.

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