• County T-shirt Co. Winter Workings

    Well, aren’t we all just dreaming of t-shirt weather this winter? Talk about snow! For those of you lucky ones who had the foresight to plan a trip south this winter, hope you have lots of sunshine. We would love to see some County T-Shirts in interesting places, so if you get a chance, please send us a pic of you and your family soaking up the sun.

    These blustery days have been a great opportunity for us to make some real headway on our preparations for the spring. Our biggest news this month is that we have secured a retail space. We are so excited to be in Bloomfield and have already felt a warm welcome from many of our neighbors. Our new home will at 287 Main St. – down the lane – a great little space that includes a very cool courtyard.

    We will be just down the lane towards the parking and washrooms and right across from the Taste Tourist Office. Our friends Jane and Susan of Cannery Row have the main floor of the building, and we think our respective lines will really compliment each other.

    We are planning to have a preview opening for Maple in the County while we finalize our preparations for the upcoming season. Aside from all the other business start-up tasks at hand, we are busy creating new designs, testing new products (hoodies are coming!), and getting them all printed. Plus our new website is underway.

    It is amazing that a simple idea last summer has blossomed into a full-fledged business in this short time. I know we say this a lot, but really, thank you to everyone for your support.

    You can still buy shirts online, but we are looking forward to seeing you in person in the spring!



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