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    News — car

    We love our PEC oval (because you do!)

    We love our PEC oval (because you do!)

    After two full seasons in Bloomfield, we spent our winter months reviewing our business journey so far, from our early expectations to our current outlook, and it has been quite a trip! As we head into our third season, we decided it was time to refresh our brand by embracing the identity that most people think of when they think of us: The PEC oval.

    You might not know this, but the PEC oval was the inspiration for our entire business. This idea, which we had hatched about three years earlier, became a key building block for our first wave of County inspired shirts. The car sticker was actually our first product, arriving a couple of weeks before the first tees, in the Fall of 2013.

    Since then our customers, you, have embraced this design, and have worn it proudly around the world. We continue to find unique ways to apply this iconic design on our products (including some really great new shirts arriving in early Spring!), and it really has come to represent our business.

    For all of those reasons, we have embraced the oval, which from this point on will not only be your favorite t-shirt design but our business' official logo. We know this will help people find us better, and to better identify our business from the shirts they see all over. New signage is headed for the store, and all web properties will start to reflect the changes shortly.

    Did I mention new shirts and Maple in the County? Stay tuned, lots coming for this season. 

    Welcome Spring!


    Prince Edward County Euro Car Sticker

    Our first actual item arrived, the PEC Car Sticker. It looks pretty awesome on our car, don’t you think?  We will have them up for sale in our online store shortly, but if you can’t wait to get one, try our Facebook page – we’ve had a couple of contests and so far we have sent stickers as far as Vancouver and Ohio.

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