• Summer is in sight and we are open for business!

    Well, it’s been a while since my last update and now the grass is green, the flowers are out and we have had a small taste of summer days to come. I am so ready for t-shirt weather!

    We opened our doors in Bloomfield in late March and have such a great response from our customers. It’s been wonderful to connect with those of you who are following us on social media sites and finally meet in person. It’s great to hear your opinions on our designs.

    Speaking of designs, some new ones came in last week along with some new caps, and I’m so glad to see people appreciate our choices! I have to admit, I was not sure how people would react to our ‘Subway’ postcard series, or our “Sir John A in a t-shirt’ image, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

    Our spring has been quite busy getting the store together. We did have some delay with our little space in April as we had to wait for our cement walls to warm up so we could paint. There was a lot of putting clotheslines up for our week-end open, and tearing down for our week-day renos, but we are over that hump now and I am happy to report, we have one cute little t-shirt store! We are still getting some final things together for our exterior courtyard and then we can officially say, we are REALLY open!

    So with all that official-ness we thought we should have our ‘Grand Opening’. So, this week-end as we are just on the cusp of summer, May 30, 31 and June 1st please stop by to fill out a ballot to win prizes and help yourselves to some treats and lemonade. We will be doing lots of great giveaways! Hope to see you there!

    We are now open Thurs to Sun and will be opening soon 7 days a week. We still have a few more fun items on the way, even more new designs especially for summer, along with some other interesting developments happening, so stay tuned and here’s to an amazing summer – so excited!

    Thank you our loyal supporters!


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