• December is here and so is our Preview Collection

    After a couple of fairly intense month (is it December already?) we have launched our complete Preview Collection in our online store.

    Our intention with this sampler of various designs is not only get our t-shirts out in front of people so that they could give us some constructive feedback, but also to get our business in order, suppliers, processes, and so forth.

    Whew! Lots of late nights later we are thrilled to offer you this sneak peek of what we have planned for our full spring launch. Our aim is to take the feeling of the county and to translate it into designs you can wear with pride. We also wanted to avoid so-called “tourist t-shirts”: “My mom went to The County and all I got…” kind of t-shirts.

    In other words, we want to create high quality, expressive designs, and accomplish them with an attention to the details. These shirts not only look great, they feel great to wear. The cut, the fabric, the printed label, we have tried to create not only a cool county t-shirt, but a fantastic t-shirt that you will enjoy wearing for years to come.

    Check out all of the selections from our Preview Collection, now available for purchase on our website.

    What a trip!


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