• Week One of County T-Shirts

    We have been evaluating different T’s to find the look/feel most suitable for our line

    Well, it wasn’t really the first week.  The idea of celebrating all the great things about the county using the humble t-shirt really started one night in July when the sky was dark and the stars were clear.  But, this was the first week of making public the plans that have been hatching since then. Surprise! It’s been so exciting to finally share our idea with friends, getting great advice, and mostly feeling pretty positive. There is still so much to do before launching our first collection of County-inspired gear, and we are grateful for the momentum.  Thank you.

    There has been lots of creativity brewing around the kitchen table these days, from finalizing the logo and our website, to developing a brand and designs I hope County-lovers will be proud to wear. We have so many ideas!

    I attended a great meeting last week with the “County Business Cultivator” at Hillier Hall. This informal group of local business-women offer advice to new business owners, and share resources and insights between themselves. The meeting was a chance for me to get first-hand insights about launching my own business in The County, and to get some helpful feedback about my plans. I loved the meeting and it was great to meet such an interesting and diverse group of women.

    I feel so energized by all the positive feedback people are giving me and I’m blown away by all the people on Facebook who are liking us in anticipation of some t-shirts. We have already placed our first order for our first product…still a secret (but when they arrive we will be giving some away on our page).

    One busy week leads to another (I can sense a small business trend), and this week some big items are to be tackled, from discussions with the printer, to final artwork, to picking just the right t-shirts to use.

    Please keep those ideas and comments coming.



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