• Celebrate Canada Day with John "Che" MacDonald

    Our first ("official") month of being open in Bloomfield has been a flurry of activity. In fact, the whole year has, but who is counting. We have so many designs and ideas it's hard to keep up with our creativity while managing our new venture. A balancing act to be sure.

    We had been using Sir John A. MacDonald in our advertising, and he has been a "county character" that we really wanted to explore and play with from the start. For those of you who don't know, the man who would become a father of Canadian confederation, and our first Prime Minister, has deep county roots. First as a lad, when his father ran the mill at Glenora, and then as a young lawyer, having his first practice in Picton.

    To say that young John A. embodied the archetypal "county boy" is a bit of an understatement. SirJAM was notorious for drunkenness, fighting, and even a prank involving a horse and a pulpit (and perhaps some single malt). Hence our affection for John, and he likeness, as a postcard, and now as a fun t-shirt combining the famous tee of Che Guevera, with our own SirJAM. Did you know 2015 is John A's 200th birthday? We have a whole slew of SirJAM ideas coming next year too. Meanwhile you can grab a postcard and the new shirt in the shop or online.

    We hope you enjoy this shirt, and the upcoming Canada Day weekend. Summer is starting to roll, drop by and wear the county. #wearthecounty

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